Worst wedding dresses – The Kind Of Dresses You Should Stay Away From On Your Special Day

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Your Wedding Day is supposed to be the best day of your life, and why ruin it with a wedding dress that is not elegant?

You will go through so many options when picking one out, so you probably want to make sure you do not end up with one of the worst wedding dresses out there.

Over the Top Dresses

It is okay to go away from the classic white for a wedding dress, just do not go overboard with it. There have been plenty of worst wedding dresses that do not look good because some people want to be over-the-top with their choices.

There have been rainbow colored dresses, dresses that have looked like the American flag, dresses with tentacles to look like an octopus, dresses that have been made from Twinkies, and much more choices like these.

Dresses That Show Tons Of Cleavage

When choosing a dress, do not pick one that will show tons of cleavage. Some of the worst dresses out there are when you can see more boobs than the dress.

Not everyone is okay with the idea, so be mindful of these types of dresses.

Short Wedding Dress

There have been many cases where people will wear short worst wedding dresses for their wedding day.

This goes back to the previous point of not showing tons of skin and sexualizing too much of yourself. Some dresses have been so short that they are just above the knees.

It is your day, but you also have guests there as well; you do not want them to be uncomfortable.


The point is that this is your special day, so you can pick any dress your heart desires. Just be mindful when picking out your wedding dress; you do not want to go completely crazy or sexualize yourself too much.

You are sharing the day with the people you care about the most; so do not make them feel uncomfortable with a really bad dress.

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