10 facts you should know about 60s wedding dresses

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The 1960s were a time for all types of fashion, and that does include wedding dresses.


60s wedding dresses were inspired by the First Lady at the Type, Jackie Kennedy. In 1961, Jackie Kennedy worked with designer Oleg Cassini to come with new looks for dresses, including slim fitting sheathes, sleeveless, and cap sleeveless A-line designs.

Another inspiration would be Elizabeth Taylor; she brought to the table jeweled collars, maxi dresses, and empire waist.

1960s Wedding Dresses

Some types of wedding dresses that came from the 1960s are: the V-neck sleeveless dresses with lace bohemian.

Another style that came from the 60s is the empire line dresses. The empire line focused more on small waist part of the dress.

Often 60s wedding dresses were laced, from the shoulders down to gown.

Where to find 1960s Wedding Dresses

1960s are considered vintage at this day and age, so most wedding shops have them. Pinterest also has thousands of 60s wedding dresses, so if you need to take a look there, you can.

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